A 10ky gold worry doll pendant made my molding and casting an actual Guatemalan worry doll.
A sterling silver worry doll pendant made by molding and casting an actual Guatemalan worry doll.
Worry Doll Pendant
Worry Doll Pendant
Worry Doll Pendant

Worry Doll Pendant

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In Mayan tradition, children who have trouble sleeping or have frequent nightmares are given worry dolls. Ideally before bed the child confesses their fears, sorrow and worries to the doll before tucking it under their pillow. Through the night while the child sleeps the doll does all the worrying allowing the child to sleep soundly.

Any child (or adult) who suffers from anxiety can benefit from the comfort of one of these worry doll pendants. Wear it around your neck during the day and hang it on your bed post at night and let it do the worrying.

Cast from a traditional fabric worry doll into sterling silver or 10k yellow gold. Credit needs to be given to the original artist who crafted the two little worry dolls that I molded to create my designs. Whomever it was, thank you!

Each doll is approx. 20mm in length. Available in two stvles - pants or dress. Your choice of 16". 18" or 20"

 *I am currently researching Guatemalan charities to donate 5% of the proceeds of each necklace. 

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