Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is my piece made?

  • First, I hunt for beautiful lace. I examine the lace for pretty patterns and spots that would make great earrings or pendants.
  • I create a mold of the lace or make an impression of the lace into a piece of sheet wax. Some pieces are made using computer aided design (CAD) software and grown in wax.
  • Next, I cast the wax (either the wax that was injected, impressed or grown) into metal using the lost wax casting technique.
  • I then combine different elements together to create beautiful shapes and designs.

 2. I really love it. But why isn't it cheaper?

Each piece of SarahAnaDesigns jewellery is made-by-hand locally in my studio in the Distillery District in Toronto, Canada. When you buy handmade, you are supporting a local artist and the local community. I rent a studio space. I work with a casting house in the downtown core in Toronto, who cast my waxes into metal. Each piece is then soldered, hand finished, polished, and assembled and tested by me. I usually set my own stones, but depending on the job I may work with a local gemsetter. I pride myself on providing my clients with quality-crafted, heirloom designs made of high-quality materials. 

My costs would be cheaper if I used overseas production, where materials and labour costs are cheaper. But then, it wouldn't be handmade by me! And that's no fun! 

Thank you for supporting handmade and for supporting me.

3. My piece has tarnished. How do I clean it? 

Sterling silver tends to tarnish in humid conditions and over time. Here's how you can remove the tarnish from your SarahAnaDesigns jewellery or other silver jewellery:

  • Line a bowl with aluminum foil.
  • Pour enough baking soda into the bowl to cover the bottom.
  • Place your piece of jewellery into the bowl.
  • Pour boiling water over. The solution will start to bubble removing tarnish. (You can often actually see it building up on the foil)
  • Repeat as necessary. 

I am happy to clean your piece for you. I can easily throw your piece in my tumbler for an instant refresh. Email me if you wish to have your pieces cleaned by me. 

4. I am not happy with my purchase. Can I return it or exchange it?

I want you to be happy with your piece of jewellery. If you are not happy, please send me an e-mail and I can see what I can do to make sure we change this. Pieces can be altered or exchanged within reason.

Custom orders cannot be refunded. These pieces are unique and designed just for you. If an item is not to your satisfaction then please send me an email, and we can discuss the steps I will take to turn your frown upside down!

5. My piece is broken or damaged. What can I do?

I take pride in creating high-quality, long-lasting pieces. Should your piece break or become damaged through regular wear and tear I am happy to repair pieces free of charge. However, if the damage is beyond regular wear and tear, charges may apply. Please contact me if your piece has been broken or damaged, and we can arrange for you to drop the piece to my studio or for you to mail it to me. 

6. I want to purchase a piece. How long will it take to get to me?

All jewellery is shipped via Canada Post.

Orders are processed in 3-5 days if an order is in stock. If I don't have it in stock, I will make your order by hand (typically this take 7-14 days) 

Custom orders may take longer to make and ship and this will be discussed during our consultation.

Once shipped:

Shipping time by regular mail from Canada to US usually takes 7-12 business days.

Shipping time by regular mail from Canada to Europe usually takes 10-12 business days.

Shipping within Canada usually takes between 3-7 business days.

If you need a piece by a specific date, please message to see if it is possible.

Please specify if you would like the item tracked and signed for upon arrival. Additional shipping fees will apply. Please ask about these shipping rates.

*Please note that some countries will charge you customs on the package. SarahAnaDesigns is not responsible for customs charges charged by your country. We do apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing SarahAnaDesigns.

7. Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

I do not have a brick and mortar shop. I do have a working studio where I make all the pieces, and where I can meet clients to discuss custom projects. I have my work in a few shops/galleries and I am working to expand to other provinces. You can find my jewellery in these amazing shops:


Craft Ontario – Toronto, Ont.

Blue Crow Gallery – Toronto, Ont.

Georgian Artisan Shop - Thornbury, Ont.

Project A - Canmore, AB. 


8. Do you do wholesale?

Of course! I am always looking for new opportunities to show my work. If you wish to see a line sheet, please send me an email at