Do you have an idea for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery? Let's work together to create the perfect piece.

Do you have old pieces of jewellery that you don’t wear? Is your jewellery box full of pendants, earrings or rings that were passed on to you but don't fit or aren’t to your taste? Let's remake, repurpose or remodel your old pieces and stones into something that you are excited to wear. Contact me and start designing your new piece(s) today!


Here are some examples of custom projects I created with my clients: 

When a woman contacted me about using pieces of the women in her family's wedding dresses to make a custom piece, I couldn't wait to get started. We looked at the lace together, and determined is would be too fine to mold and cast. That's when I grabbed my sketchbook and tried to think of other ways to create a piece incorporating the three pieces of lace. Above is the finished product — worn by the client's sister on her wedding day. I found signature spots in each lace sample, housed them in resin and brought them together in a sterling silver hexagon.


The custom piece above, and variations of it, is a popular gift for grandmothers. Each stone is the birthstone of a child. Got news that another wee bundle is on the way? That's OK (and congratulations!) I can add stones as your family grows. 



One set of pearls and four grandchildren doesn't have to spell trouble. Give each grandchild a piece of the past with a custom-designed piece that splits up the old strand and suits each of their unique styles.


SarahAna Designs Custom Project Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We meet to get to know each other a little so I can learn more about your style and project aims: whose style do you love? What style do you stay away from? During our initial meeting, we’ll talk about budget, time frame, and I might even sketch out some ideas right there. Once we have decided on a direction, I’ll provide you an estimate. Then, I will get started on designs*. 
  1. Design: I head to my studio or a sunny window seat with my sketch book to get working on creating your project design. I will choose up to 3 designs options and send you some sketches or renderings. From there, we can tweak if necessary. I want you to start dreaming about your new jewellery! 
  1. The Magic Happens: Once you choose your design, your piece will be put into production. If the project requires a wax carving, I am happy to you to show you the wax model before it’s put into metal.

 The whole process from initial consultation to completion of your custom piece usually takes between 3-6 weeks. I will contact you when it's complete!

*50 per cent deposit required to enter the formal design phase.