That Way This Way Show Opening

Last Thursday was the opening of the show that my work is part of That Way This Way at Harbourfront Centre. I am really pleased with the way everything turned out! The vitrines where my pieces are look fabulous and the other exhibits also opening were all really great! There are some really interesting pieces. My favourite pieces are part of the exhibit Not So Fast which is in the main gallery. I loved the installation entitled Great Lake Walk by Vanessa Dion Fletcher in which the artist strapped copper sheet to her feet and walked across the Canadian landscape. The display included a video of Dion Fletcher walking across rocky terrain and shorelines, the pieces of copper which she wore and prints which she made from the plates. I also enjoyed Bev Koski‘s work in which she covers small figurines depicting Indigenous North Americans with seed beads. There are many other great exhibits so you should check out the show if you get a chance!

Here are a few pics of my work on display.

Me standing beside one of my vitrines at That Way This Way
Two of my vitrines at That Way This Way
Artist Statement

2 thoughts on “That Way This Way Show Opening

  1. really beautiful work Sarah, I enjoyed how you brought together the motifs into a larger work of not only art, but something you can wear! Weart! The black lace is a nice elegant touch too.

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