Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012

Starting tomorrow July 6th and running until Sunday July 8th Nathan Philip’s Square will transform into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Now in its 51st year, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is a juried showcase featuring contemporary fine art and craft that takes place annually every July. I am very excited to go out and have a look around. This year I am so pleased that so many of my friends and colleagues got accepted into the show! If you are planning on attending the show and don’t know where to start looking I will share with you some very talented and creative people I know. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed! Click on an artist to be taken to their website for a sneak peak at what they might have at the show! The show runs Friday and Saturday from 10:30-7:30 and Sunday from 10:30-6:30.


Adriana McNeely – Booth 302

Heather Rathbun- Booth 272

Meredith Robb – Booth 136

Micah Adams – Booth 305

Shawna Tabacznik – Booth 337

Theresa Duong – Booth 348

Victoria Yez – Booth 335


Grace (Eun Mi) Lee – Booth 155

Janet Macpherson – Booth 270

Lana Filippone – Booth 222


Amanda McCavour – Booth 304

Jen Kneulman – Booth 46

Shuyu Lu – Booth 82


Aaron Oussoren – Booth 179

Benjamin Kikkert – Booth 81

Clayton Haigh – Booth 200

Jesse Bromm – Booth 84


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