Jumping in Puddles

I have been doing so much to accomplish my 30 Before 30 that I have been a little slower with my writing and now I have to catch up!

Last week I went to visit my Grammy and Poppa’s grave at Pine Hill Cemetery (#7 on my list). I don’t know the last time I went there but I can tell you it was not recently. I can also tell you that the reaction I had was not at all what I expected.

I somehow knew the area where they were buried though I don’t think I have been there in probably 10 or more years but I had to ask for some help to find out where their plot was exactly. When I found them I started to cry. I just felt overwhelmed. I still sometimes wish I could talk to them. I wonder what they would think of me.

After visiting them I decided to jump in some puddles. It was dark and rainy and there were some nice big puddles in the cemetery so I just went for it. (#27 checked off) It was very satisfying to splash the water everywhere. I was alone so I don’t have a pic. I liked this one I found in google image search though!


Since I have to get ready for work I will have to tell you about making cold rolls, and my busy Sunday being a tourist in Toronto later!


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