Green Thumb

Today I crossed #1 and #20 of my 30 before 30 list!

I popped over to the Home Depot after work and grabbed some gardening essentials – pots, potting soil, herb seeds and a couple plants. I love plants and I have lots of them in my apartment but I don’t think I have ever planted an indoor herb garden or a terrarium.

The herb garden was pretty easy. I just planted the seeds. I hope that they grow! I will post a picture when they start to peak through the soil! No point posting a picture of dirt in a pot! haha

Next I chose to make my terrarium. I made it open rather then closed. I couldn’t seem to find a glass jar large enough to put my plants in. I used a rectangular vase. I lined the bottom with rocks before adding the soil. I then planted a cactus, some baby’s tears and ivy. I think my plants are too large for my glass so maybe one day if I find a larger jar I will transport them!

Click here for a website that has lots of great terrarium tutuorials!

ps. I was also able to cross # 10 off my list – Learn the alphabet in sign language! I got my sister to test me and I got a pass!


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