Busy Weekend!

I am slowly getting through my 30 Before 30 list!

This weekend I completed 4 things off my list!

To start off the weekend I hosted an intimate, impromptu dinner party (#21). I invited over 2 of my friends from my studio for some homemade vegetarian enchiladas and some wine before we head out to a concert! The enchiladas were delicious (if I can say so myself)! And the company was even better!

Dinner is Served
Veggie Enchilada

Saturday was a busy day. I taught myself how to do Gel Medium Transfers, watched Casablanca and bought a red bra.

I have never owned a red bra but everyone seems to think that red bras are pretty sexy so I thought I should probably try it out. haha. I went to Winner’s and got a great deal on one. Item #9 is off my list.

Gel Medium Transfers are quite cool. I watched this youtube video to see how to do them.

Here is my attempt.

Gel Medium Transfer with paper half peeled off

This was really fun to do. Mine is not quite as nice as the one in the demo video but I now know what I can do with this technique. #15 is completed.

Lastly, I watched Casablanca. I always hear things about classic movies like Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Casablanca but I have never seen them. I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear all the famous lines that came from the movie also like “Here’s looking at you kid” and “We’ll always have Paris.” #18 is completed.

I still have 17 tasks to do! I am going to have to get my wriggle on!



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