Please, Mr. Postman

The other day I sat down and I crossed number 2 off my 30 before 30 list – Write a friend a letter.

It took me a while to decide who to write. I didn’t want it to be someone who I talk to every day. I also wanted to have enough to say in a full letter. Then the perfect person popped into mind. My friend Em from my university years in Montreal. She has been off teaching in Korea for a number of years and with our busy lifestyles it is sometimes difficult to keep in touch. I decided to write her a nice letter filling her in on what is new in my life.

There is something very satisfying about writing a letter. I love sending quick notes off to people and I send cards quite often but writing a letter really takes some thought and reflection as to what are the important things going on in your life that are worth telling someone else!

I enjoyed writing a letter. Maybe I will start to do it more often.

Happy reading Em!

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