If I Could Style…Paige Duke

This week’s If I could Style character is Paige Duke of the reality t.v show Sweet Home Alabama. (Since it is reality t.v. I guess she isn’t so much a character as she is just herself!)

Paige Duke

I have never really gotten into reality t.v. dating shows (though I did enjoy the show Beauty and the Geek for the brief time it was on). I don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. However, one evening my sister discovered Sweet Home Alabama and now we are both hooked!  Now in its third season, the show follows one single country folk as they search for love amongst 11 country and 11 city prospects.  It’s different from other reality t.v dating shows. Maybe it’s because the country boys are super cute and real gentlemen!

Paige is this season’s leading lady looking for love. Paige is beautiful inside and out. She is super sweet, fun, down to earth. It’s no wonder she has all the guys head over heels (spurs?) for her.

Her style is feminine and fresh with some country flare. Pretty dresses in floral patterns, denim and a fantastic pair of cowboy boots are staples in her wardrobe.

For Paige I chose an outfit that is sweet, feminine and a little bit country. Ever since I started watching the show I couldn’t stop thinking about how my SarahAnaDesigns Bow Bolo Tie would be perfect for Paige!


Jean jacket from Forever21


super sweet eyelet and denim dress from luckyprlformia


Blue suede cowboy boots from greencorndance


Bow bolo tie by SarahAnaDesigns

1. Forever21 – $35.90 CDN (photo credit forever21)

2. LUCKYPRLFORMIA on Etsy – 55$ USD (photo credit LUCKYPRLFORMIA)

3.  GreenCornDance  on Etsy – $160 USD (photo credit GreenCornDance)

4. SarahAnaDesigns – $60 (photo credit SarahAnaDesigns)


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