If I Could Style…Jess Day

Zooey Deschanel has always been my favourite.  Maybe it’s because she is beautiful and down to earth or maybe it’s because I see a bit of myself in the characters she plays – quirky, artsy, comical. I love her sense of style and humour. I was so happy when I learned she would be starring in her own sitcom New Girl. This show is super funny. I really love it!

Zooey plays Jess Day, a cute, bubbly school teacher. Jess is always dressed in colourful, girly, retro inspired outfits. 50’s style dresses in block colours, feminine blouses and mini skirts are staples to her wardrobe.

I have chosen 2 outfits that I think reflect Jess’s bright, cheerful fashion style. For her accessories I would choose my S’wag dachshund wrap bracelet to reflect her humorous, quirky side or my bow bangle in antiqued brass to reflect her feminine, flirty, girly side.

Outfit #1


White t-shirt with gathered sleeve details by patriciavalery


Retro skirt by LaSemainedeMsO in bright green is so Jess!


Pretty primary colour pumps by StoryTellersVintage


Rosie red purse by SweetTrashVintage


Quirky and cute dachshund wrap bracelet by SarahAnaDesigns

Outfit #2


Retro Red Dress by PatriciaValery


Delicious lemon yellow flats by krispyfringe


Lovely teal headband by sunshineandcarousels


Prettier than a peacock clutch by redrubyrose


Super feminine bow bangle by SarahAnaDesigns

1. patriciavalery on Etsy. $50 USD. (photo credit patriciavalery)

2. LaSemainedeMsO on Etsy. $80.33 CDN. (photo credit LasemainedeMsO)

3. StoryTellersVintage on Etsy. $34 USD. (photo credit StoryTellersVintage)

4. SweetTrashVintage on Etsy. $65 USD. (photo credit SweetTrashVintage)

5. SarahAnaDesigns. $55 CDN. (photo credit SarahAnaDesigns)

6. patriciavalery on Etsy. $150 USD. (photo credit patriciavalery)

7. krispyfringe on Etsy. $18 USD. (photo credit krispyfringe)

8. sunshineandcarousels on Etsy. $12 USD. (photo credit sunshineandcarousels)

9. redrubyrose on Etsy. $85 USD. (Photo credit redrubyrose)

10. SarahAnaDesigns. $68 CDN. (Photo credit SarahAnaDesigns) Contact to inquire about this piece.


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