If I Could Style… Blair Waldorf

My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. I love watching the show not only for it’s drama but also to see all the fashion! This week was the 100th episode and it inspired me.  I asked myself, if I could chose a piece of my jewellery for some of my favourite characters on television to wear what would it be? And so, a new category is born.

Today’s If I Could Style character is Blair Waldorf. I love her preppy, polished and classic look. Her outfits are full of girly details like ruffles and bows and have a vintage Parisian feel that I adore. Her style has been compared to characters played by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

photo credit collegefashion.net

I have chosen some items that I think epitomize Blair. Flirty, Girly, Classic. For her I have chosen my lace earrings and bow necklace.


flirty and feminine cream dress by ktjean.


cute cream caplet by krispyfringe


Classy moss heels by 4birdsvintage


Elegant cloche by TheMillineryShop


clutch with vintage flare by Toriska


Dainty detailed gloves by MadeOverThreads


Girly Ribbon Necklace by SarahAnaDesigns


delicate lace earrings by SarahAnaDesigns

1. ktjean on Etsy. $275 USD (photo credit ktjean)

2. krispyfringe on Etsy. $26 USD (photo credit krispyfringe)

3. 4birdsvintage on Etsy. $60 USD (photo credit 4birdsvintage)

4. TheMillineryShop on Etsy. $265 USD (photo credit TheMillineryShop)

5.Toriska on Etsy. $48 USD (photo credit Toriska)

6. MadeOverThreads. $15 USD (photocredit MadeOverThreads)

7. SarahAnaDesigns. $120 CDN

8. SarahAnaDesigns. $158 CDN


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