Scaredy Cat

This weekend I tackled number #23 on my list – Watch a Scary Movie. I don’t really ever watch scary movies. I prefer light hearted romantic comedies, historical dramas, or those films deemed “artsy.” I mean, I do enjoy a 2 0’clock Woman’s Network scary movie when I get a chance but those are a whole different story. (Let’s just say that once I fell asleep watching one, woke up half way through another and thought it was the same film!)

My sister was at the library looking for Casablanca for me (no luck) when she spotted Taken. I had heard lots about this movie but I had never heard that it was scary. IMDB categorizes it as Action, Crime, Thriller so I figured with the later that it could count as scary. My sister said she had seen it and she found it scary so I decided to give it a whirl.

On Saturday night, tucked under a blanket on the couch I watch Taken.

Maybe it’s that I didn’t set the atmosphere (lights were on), or maybe it’s that my dad was watching it with me, but I didn’t really find it scary. It was more of an action flick then anything else, with some parts being slightly disturbing. It was scary in that what was going on in the movie does happen in real life but I wanted to feel more of that creeped out feeling, like when every little noise you hear you start to question and where you check the closet and under the bed before going to sleep!

So, as of now I have crossed this off my list but I have PVR’d a number of movies that may fall into the “scary” category a little better. (Bram Stoker’s Dracula, A perfect Murder and a couple more.) What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?


3 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat

  1. If I manage to find one of the “Saw” franchise on TV, I watch it until I can’t take the suspense anymore then I turn it over. OOHHHH Zombieland was great too, I had to watch it with a cushion on my lap and my fingernails in hubby’s knee!!!!! lol, the things we do….

  2. LOL I will say the exorcist (from 197….) I had nightmares when I was a little girl and seeying that girl in the bed and all “crazy/deablo” looking like scares me :-S…. Marcela (from jewellery workshop)

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