Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

I completed my first task from my 30 before 30 list!

Over the last few days I have been slowly compiling a list of bands and songs with fruits and veggies in the title. There were some songs I wanted to add but didn’t have like Harry Nilsson – Coconut, and U2 – Lemon, but I can always add to the playlist.

So here it is! Feast your eyes on this!

1. Into Your Arms – The Lemonheads

2. Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

4. Raspberry Beret – Prince

5. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

6. Disarm – Smashing Pumpkins

7. No Rain – Blind Melon

8. Criminal – Fiona Apple

9. Peach – Blur

10. Reunited – Peaches And Herb

11. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – KT Tunstall

12. Green Apples – Chantal Kreviazuk

13. Apples In the Trees – Mirah

14. One Bad Apple – Osmonds

15. The Banana Boat Song – Tarriers

16. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

17. Saw Red -Sublime

18. Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino

19. Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharp

20. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

21. Agent Orange – Tori Amos

22. Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash

23. Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas

24. Glass Onion – The Beatles

25. Banana Boat (Day-O) – Harry Belafonte

26. Liar – Cranberries

(If anyone is interested in the playlist I can somehow send it to you!)

(I have a list of about 30 other songs or artists that I don’t have in my iTunes – Thanks Dad for researching for me!)


5 thoughts on “Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Hey what about Metric – Raw Sugar? That’s kind of a fruit…I think. I love this and your 30 before 30 idea. If you want to send me that playlist, I’d love it as my non-classical collection is always looking for more! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good luck with the checklist,

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