30 Before 30

The other day I was on Facebook and I read that one of my highschool classmates and her boyfriend have decided to challenge themselves to doing 365 things in 365 days. How fun is that! They have a wide variety of challenges from the simple task of watching Bonnie and Clyde to more difficult challenges such as hike above 10, 000 feet. On their website they are documenting themselves completing each task. (To see more of the 365 items click here.)

This inspired me. I decided to make up my own challenge. I will do 30 things before I turn 30 on March 13th. I am not doing this because I am scared of leaving my 20s or bitter about being another year older. There is no expiration date on these activities. I am just excited about starting a new decade of my life and  think it would be fun to do some new things! While looking up various ideas of challenges or activities to do I realized that 30 before 30 lists are actually quite popular! I never knew!

I am somewhat limited as to what I can do by my time constraint but here is my list. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and photo documenting my completion of tasks! These are not necessarily things that I have never done before. Some of the things are simply tasks that I have just haven’t found time for lately.

30 before 30

1. Plant an herb garden

2. Write a friend a letter

3. Make a time capsule

4. Visit a museum

5. Paint a picture

6. Make truffles

7. Visit Grammy and Poppa’s grave

8. Ride the subway from 1 end of the line to the other

9. Buy a red bra (I have never owned one)

10. Learn the alphabet in sign language

11. Try escargot

12. Carve my initials in a dead tree (I don’t want to harm a living one!)

13. Make a playlist that is all about fruits and vegetable (band names and song titles)

14. Make cold rolls

15. Learn how to make gel medium transfers

16. Donate 5+ articles of clothing to charity

17. Send a message in a bottle

18. Watch Casablanca

19. Take a picture in the oversized canoe that looks out over the Lakeshore

20. Make a terrarium

21. Host a dinner party

22. Go for a hike

23. Watch a scary movie (I really dislike scary movies unless they are on at 2 in the afternoon on the W network!)

24. Buy the person behind my in line at a coffee shop their coffee.

25. Take photos in a photobooth

26. Re-learn how to re-string pearls.

27. Jump in puddles! (Weather permitting)

28. Make something new out of something old.

29. Organize the files on my computer.

30. Watch the sunrise.

Wish me luck!

~Sarah Ana


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