9th Annual Girls Christmas Shopping Weekend!

This weekend was the 9th Annual Girls Christmas Shopping Weekend! Boy time flies! Feels like just yesterday that we started the tradition! Seven of us, (myself, my 3 sisters and 3 of my cousins; welcoming Laura in her first time at a GCSW) participated this year making it our largest GCSW to date!

This year we decided to do something a little different. My mom needed to be in the city to complete her Yoga course so we switched places with my parents and went on a road trip up to Collingwood for the weekend! Since we had to travel a little extra we all decided to take an extra day off work and make it a long weekend.

We started off the weekend on Friday with a trip to the Scandinave Spa. It was glorious! Snow had fallen over night creating a picturesque backdrop of snow covered mountains. We spent a few hours relaxing in the baths, eucalyptus steam room and Finnish sauna. A perfect way to leave the stress of the week behind!

The rest of the weekend was spent eating and shopping! We looked around the shops in Thornbury, Blue Mountain Village and downtown Collingwood. While a few of us picked up gifts for others, I mainly bought gifts for myself! (With the last few weeks being super busy and stressful I think I deserve it ;)) I picked up a shirt (on sale!), a sweater (on sale!), a really cute clutch and a new dress (on sale!). While we were out and about we even saw Santa. I snapped a pic of him with a few of the girls!

Santa and the girls!
Oiseaux Dress - PinkMartini.com

Saturday night we went for a delicious dinner at Tesoro Restaurant. They have really good Italian food. I shared some delicious mussels in a curry and malibu rum sauce, and had a farfalle pasta dish with shrimp! Everyone enjoyed their meals! I think I am still stuffed!

Girls Christmas Shopping Weekend always ends too quickly! I can’t wait for next years 1oth Annual GCSW when we hopefully roadtrip to the Big Apple!

~Sarah Ana


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