Jewelry Day – Loft Gallery

November is a busy month! Lots of shows going on! First up is the Vaughan of a Kind and after that it’s Jewelry day at Loft Gallery in Clarksburg.

This will be the first time that I participate in Jewelry Day. At Thanksgiving I was up in the Collingwood area at my parents place. There was an arts tour on in the area and so we decided to go have a look around. Clarksburg is known as the Gallery District. There are many amazing artists showcased. One of the galleries we visited was the Loft Gallery, a gallery featuring large sized paintings by local, Ontario and Quebec artists. I happened to grab a flyer while there which was advertising for Jewelry Day. I introduced myself to the owner’s and expressed my interest in the show. Later, I was contacted and asked to participate! I am very excited to be involved in a show outside of the city.

If anyone is interested in visiting the show the drive to the Blue Mountains makes an excellent and gorgeous day trip!

~Sarah Ana


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