Compelled by Curiosity

“Curios are small objects which evokes curiosity. They are prized for their rarity or distinctiveness.”  Wikipedia

I am reading a really interesting book called Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier. The book takes place in the early 1800 in coastal England and tells the tale of two woman and their passion for fossils.

I too have a fondness for fossils. I have written before about how I cannot go to a beach without taking a portion of it home with me! All my fossils sit in a jar on my dresser. They are never really seen by anyone but me. The book got me thinking about all these strange finds I have made and about how I can somehow use these objects in my jewellery making and show these objects off to other people. I have been playing with the idea of lockets lately, thinking of ways that objects can be contained but in a less traditional sense.

Here is a peak at one of my first designs. It is a curio bracelet. It is made of antiqued brass, plastic, fossilized coral from Lake Erie and feather. The bangle is plastic tube that will be filled with sand (therefore acting as a sort of locket). I like to make pieces that also evoke a feeling or emotion, or call to mind a memory. In this case the piece for me represents the beach or seaside. I will post a picture of the final pieces soon!

Curio Bracelet - Unfinished

Stay tuned…


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