Board games, Bikinis and Beers.

Friday evening after work I am going to get in the car, put on some good tunes, and drive 3 hours north of the city. I guess to some people that wouldn’t sound that appealing. You might be wondering after a day sitting at a bench why would I want to sit in the car?

I look at it as a reward. I am heading to the cottage for a long weekend of relaxing on the dock, good food and good company!

This month I have had very little time off, and am starting to feel a bit stressed, and so I am in dire need of this weekend. I can’t wait to escape the stresses of the city for 3 short days! At the cottage there is no time to think about what was causing your mind to whirl back home. The days are too jam packed with swimming, lounging, badminton, kayaking, boat rides, Yahtzee, Scrabble, fishing, camp fires, happy hour and eating, eating, and more eating.

I am looking forward to coming back Monday rested and rejuvenated, ready to tackle a bunch of projects and to get ready for Divalicious!


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