Knock, knock…Just Kidding.

“I love jokes.” When I say I like jokes I don’t mean that I like knock, knock jokes, I just mean that I enjoy humour…a lot. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to laugh. I guess humour and laughing going hand and hand. I like to think that I am a pretty funny person.

A few years ago I was playing the game Whoonu with my sisters. The way the game works is each player is dealt 4 cards by the dealer. Each card has only 1 word on it. The players then have to chose a card out of their hand that they feel would be the dealers favourite thing. The dealer then arranges the cards they are given in order from favourite to least favourite. I was dealt a hand that say, looked like this… Mustard (yuck!), birds, badminton and jokes. So I ordered them like this… Jokes, badminton, birds——————-> Mustard.

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This in itself has become a joke. For some reason everyone found it simply hilarious that I would put jokes as my favourite thing. My mother looked at me and simply said “really?”

As I said before, by jokes I don’t mean knock, knock jokes. I interpreted the word jokes to mean all things humorous. Practical jokes, inside jokes, wit.

Whenever I need a good laugh I turn to my friend Sarah. (No, that isn’t a joke. I have a friend and her name is Sarah also.) She has the same sense of humour as me. She has recently started her own blog which gives me a daily dose of laughter. Check it out HERE! You are guaranteed a good laugh!


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