Countdown to Wienerfest is on!

The countdown is on!!! Only 21 more days until Wienerfest!!!

I have been busy in the studio making lots of jewellery. Some old designs and some new!

I have made some “dog tags” which can be worn on a chain by humans or on a collar by a pup.

They can be stamped with your dogs name (or your own).

I’ve also made a new style of Dachshund necklace with a more cartoon styled dachshund.

Cute and playful.

I have a few more designs that I am working on completing! They will be coming soon!

I also have a new business card!

(I will have some notecards with similar paintings available)

I am so excited for this event! It is hard for me to contain my squeals of excitement!

In 21 days I will be surrounded by wieners (sorry, Dachshunds)! It is going to be pure bliss!

~Sarah Ana


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