They Say It’s Your Birthday…

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!

My Favorite Photo of My Mom and I

My mother has been studying Yoga for many years. She has done her teacher training and taken numerous workshops. Most recently my mom has been studying Kundalini Yoga – The yoga of awareness.  For her birthday weekend she has gone on a Yoga retreat.

Since Kundalini, and yoga in general, is a big part of my mothers life (and despite the fact that she said she doesn’t want anything for her birthday except to spend time with her girls and their significant others for dinner. Sorry Mubs that you can’t be here!) I decided to make her a special pendant.

I made her an Om pendant a few years ago which she loves and wears often, but I decided since she is doing her Kundalini training right now to make her a pendant that coincides with this practice…

So I have made her a Tibetan Fire Serpent Pendant. It symbolizes the connecting and opening of all the Chakras to allow balance and harmony. I hope she likes it!

Tibetan Fire Serpent Pendant

Happy Birthday and Namaste!

~Sarah Ana


4 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday…

  1. So sweet, just like you ! your chakras are likely all balanced and at peace, your a good daughter, a wonderful friend and a most tatlented Designer/Goldsmith !
    Sure hope I’m going to see you at Grad Show girl xoxo

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