Hanging with my Gnomies!

It’s really no secret that I love garden gnomes! I remember as a child going to my grandparents house at 9 White Pine Avenue in Toronto and in their garden was the most fantastic gnome. My grandma and her sister-in-law had gone to a local ceramic shop on O’Connor Drive to paint their own.

 A couple of years ago I remembered the gnome. I decided I wanted to paint my own to pass the summer hours at the cottage. That’s when a new hobby was formed. Garden gnome painting! I love choosing the perfect gnome, then choosing what colours to paint him. Will he push a wheelbarrow or carry a watering can?What colour hair will he have? What colour shirt? Hat? Pants? Shoes? And the final decision…where to put him in the garden!

The new life sprouting in the gardens around the city made me think of my gnomes and about how soon it will be time to choose another one to paint! Now if only I had a garden of my own to put one in! (Though today’s new snow makes it feel less like spring and makes summer feel so far away!)

Garden Gnome before being painted


Painted Garden Gnome in my parents Garden
Young Gnome from a Vintage mold

 Happy gardening everyone!!!

~Sarah Ana


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