Structured Jewellery Show

Friday was the opening of the show STRUCTURED at Open Gallery of Art and Architecture featuring the works of myself and fellow Harbourfront Centre artists-in-residence Heather Rathbun and Meredith Robb! It was very exciting for us to work together, put on our curator caps and put on this show from start to finish! We are all very pleased with the way it turned out!

To let you know a bit about the show,  STRUCTURED, showcases a fascinating body of jewellery that explores pattern, shape and form through traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques.

All three of us, Heather, Meredith and myself, enjoy experimenting with various materials such as metals, acrylic, wood and more to construct eye-catching works of wearable art and intricate art pieces.

We are very thankful to Bob and Keith at Open Gallery for letting us exhibit in their space. Open Gallery of Art and Architecture shares space with Open Architects Inc. Located in a unique storefront office on Kingston Road, Open Architects offer their space to upcoming and established artists to display their work. Bob is an alumni of Sacred Heart High School in Newmarket, Ontario, the same high school that I attended!

Here are some pics of us setting up the exhibit and the opening!

The gallery pre-show


Meredith painting the plinths
Heather measuring out the foam core
wall mounted plinths
The opening
Me at the opening

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