A Promise I Intend to Keep.

I am a nail biter. Ever since I was a child I tried to stop biting my nails. I was even given many incentives to stop biting but I just couldn’t! I have stopped now for the most part mainly because my hands are always caked with large amounts of polishing compound and coated in harmful chemical solutions.

One of the earliest memories I have of my Grammy, and maybe one of the only memories I have of her has to do with jewellery (and biting my nails :S). Every time I visited my Grammy she would tell me to take my hands from my mouth. She would tell me that if I would stop biting my nails they would grow long and strong.

I remember being at my Grandparents house at 9 White Pine Avenue in Toronto. My Grammy took me into her bedroom and opened a drawer in her dresser. Staring back at me was a whole pile of jewellery. She let me riffle through all the sparkly pieces. Some gold, some silver. Some costume jewellery, some classic pieces.

She told me to choose my favourite piece of jewellery. It took me no time at all to pick up a pair of single diamond earrings. They were beautiful and sparkly and the perfect size for my small ears. I was so excited!

But not so fast….

My Grammy told me that when I stopped biting my nails they would be mine.

Unfortunately my Grammy got very sick. I was in grade 2 and would be making my First Communion with my class in the spring. My parents decided to have me make mine in the winter so that my Grammy could be there to see me receive the host for the first time. At my first communion she gave me a gift. As I unwrapped the familiar tiny box I already knew what it was she was giving me. Of course I had not held up my part of the deal. My grammy made me promise that I would stop biting my nails. I vowed I would.

I have been given other pieces of my Grammy’s jewellery and though I cherish all of them none have as much significance as the tiny diamond earrings.

To this day I have still not worn them. I know its a shame but I can’t bring myself to do it if I haven’t kept my promise!

One day hopefully I will have those long, strong nails that Grammy spoke of. But if I keep making jewellery that day might be a long ways away! (I think she would understand ;))

Do you have a special piece of jewellery that was passed down to you from your grandparents?

~Sarah Ana


One thought on “A Promise I Intend to Keep.

  1. I have a little tiny white gold ring that only fits my pinkie. I wore it for so long that when I took it off, the dent in my finger lasted for months.

    That is what I love about jewellery – the good stuff is worth it because it becomes an heirloom that reminds us of people that are gone and who we miss.

    Nice post 🙂

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