Rocky Road Trip!

Today two of my studio mates and I went on a bit of a road trip. (And by road trip I mean we drove 40 minutes north of the city to my hometown of Stouffville, Ontario.) We were on an adventure to go visit Rudi Wobito of Wobito Gems. Rudi and his brother Ralph (who was unfortunately away today) are Master Gem Cutters.

Rudi and Ralph come from a long line of Gem Cutters. Both their father and grand-father were also Master Gem Cutters in Idar-Oberstein, the capital of Germany’s gem cutting industry.

The reason for our excursion to Wobito Gems was to see about having a stone re-cut, one of the services that Wobito Gems provides. In addition to stone re-cutting and repair, the brothers also custom cut stones and do jewellery design consultations.

I was very much fascinated with the place! Rudi was kind enough to show us some of the stones he has cut including a snowflake shaped diamond, a cut of diamond which resembles a snowflake (as the name would imply) to which Wobito Gems owns exclusive rights. It was so unique and beautiful!


A Snowflake Cut Diamond


We also got a tour of the studio and a brief lesson on the steps taken to cut gemstones. What a great learning experience! It was so interesting. All the gem cutting is done by hand and by eye! Amazing! He showed us a beautiful trillion cut Zultanite and taught us about its colour change properties.

It was really great for Rudi to let us tour the studio. I learned so much in such a short visit! I definitely want to go back! Now all I need to do is come up with some fantastic designs that need fantastic stones!

Thanks Wobito Gems for the wonderful experience!

~Sarah Ana


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