Between the Covers.

There is nothing like cozying up with a good book. The only problem is that it aways seems so hard to find the time or motivation to read.

Enter The Paperback Princesses Book Club – my motivation to buckle under with a good book and get ‘er read!

Usually when I tell people I am in a book club they politely nod their head and then ask, “So do you actually read books or is it just an excuse to get together and drink wine?”

The funny thing is we actually do read the book and on only one occasion did we opt for wine over a nice warm cup of tea. We really and truly are a book club who gets together to discuss books! (Ok, we also don’t mind a few snacks, guacamole, puff pastries, hummus, and a bit of unrelated chit-chat.)

Once a month we gather at the host’s home. (We take turns picking the book and hosting). As the host it is your responsibility to have read the book in its entirety, make a delicious spread of snacks and come up with a few prompting questions to get the discussion ball rolling (though this never seems to be a problem!)

This month I am the host. I have chosen the book Secret Daughter by Silpi Somaya Gowda. So far it is really good! I can’t wait to discuss it with the other members. (It’s partly set in India and I love imagining the sights, smells and sounds – and jewellery! – that the characters would encounter on the streets of Mumbai. One of the main characters, Asha, has a small delicate pair of bangle anklets since she was a baby.)

Have you read any good books lately?

If you like to cuddle up with a good book (and today would be the perfect day for it!) but can’t decide what to read then visit our Paperback Princess Blog for some reading suggestions!

Happy Reading!

~ Sarah Ana


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