New Year’s Resolutions…eek!

You say: “New Year’s resolutions.”  I say: “Why bother?”

I know from many years of experience that I never keep them past a few months (And that’s if I am lucky! Usually it’s more like a couple days!)

Waking up every morning and exercising? Only eating healthy foods? Not letting my laundry pile up? These don’t seem like unreasonable resolutions but for some reason or other I just can’t keep them!

So this year I am going to try something a little different. This year I have to make a point every month to somehow get my jewellery out there for the world to see. (Be it approaching a gallery, applying to a show, vending at a craft sale.)  This may seem to you like an easier resolution than most but for me it is a rather difficult task to go around and put myself out there. It’s is not so much a resolution as a New Year’s Challenge.

Move over year of the Rabbit. 2011 is going to be the year of Sarah Ana Designs!

What will your New Year’s Challenge be?


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