It’s a Small World Afterall

I love strange coincidences.

There was the time that I was renting out a room in my apartment in Montreal and the girl who showed up at my door was also named Sarah and we just happened to grow up in the same small hometown but hadn’t know each other. (A wonderful happenstance that was! ;))

Or how my partner in crime at the studio not only lived in the same apartment building in university as my childhood friend, they even lived on the same floor!

But I think my favourite story about coincidences is from this years One Of A Kind Show. I was working evenings at the Marmalade Designs booth. One evening a woman was perusing the booth and came and asked me if we sold pendants with symbols representing swear words inside.


I told her Marmalade didn’t sell those but that I too was a jeweller and that I had a line of jewellery which consisted of speech bubble shaped pieces with symbols representing swear words inside! I showed her a picture on my phone and it was exactly what she had been looking for!

She told me how her friend had bought one of my pendants a couple years back at the One Of  A Kind show and that they hadn’t been able to find my pieces since! I had just happened to have a few pieces at the George Brown College booth a couple years back which is where she must have bought it!

It is crazy to think that out of all the booths at the One Of A Kind show that she could have asked about the pieces she asked in the booth that I just happened to be working at!

It really is a small world! I just love happenstances!

Profanity Cufflinks

3 thoughts on “It’s a Small World Afterall

  1. Holy cow! That’s a CRAZY coincidence about the girl looking for the profanity jewelry–which happened to be yours!! Just goes to show you Sarah, that your designs are not only unique and beautiful-but they’re also already being sought after!! I support you in your New Year’s Resolution to get your work out there more–you are a great and orignal talent!!

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