Blast from the Past

So it’s no surprise to you now that I love Dachshunds! The other day my friends sent me a listing from Kijiji for two mini dachshund puppies! Boy did my heart skip a beat when I saw there precious little faces! Wouldn’t I love to find one of those under my Christmas tree! Hint, Hint. No, just kidding! I mean I would love a puppy and all but in all honesty at this stage in my life I wouldn’t be able to properly care for a dog. 😦

(Plus. I have my sweet, fluffy Owen who I could never replace!)




So, for now, I admire my little furry friends from afar.

As I drove in the car the other day a video from my childhood popped into my head. My friend Nicola was moving away in grade 1 to Scotland and she gave me a bunch of her video tapes. One was a tape of disney shorts. I absolutely loved this video when I was a child! So now for your enjoyment here it is…



(I took the video from Youtube so thank you to the user who posted it!)

My favorite part is when Dinah the Dachshund makes her body soooooo long! There are many more videos starring Pluto and Dinah but I can’t post them all! Hope it brought back many memories!

~Sarah Ana


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