“Ring” in the Holidays!

“Santa Baby, forgot to mention one little thing. A ring. I don’t mean on the phone. Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.”

Now that there is only a few more days till Christmas (10 to be exact! Eeeek!) I don’t mind turning on CHFI 98.1 and listening to all the Christmas tunes. I put them on when I am cleaning, or driving, or working in the studio. I haven’t yet started my Christmas shopping so I am trying really hard to get into the Christmas spirit — and with all the parties this past weekend, maybe a bit of the Christmas ‘spirits’ if you know what I mean 😉

In case you are like me and will be partaking in a little last minute Christmas Shopping, I have the perfect stocking stuffer for you!

I have been busy as an elf (as a jeweller I sometimes help out Santa by creating beautiful presents that can be delivered on Christmas Day!) working hard in the studio to make a few new rings. They are simple and classic. Who wouldn’t love to find one at the bottom of their stocking! It’s a great accessory to spruce up any Christmas or New Year’s eve outfit. And if you hurry you may still have just enough time to send a quick e-mail or text to Santa asking to add one of these to your Christmas list!

Sterling silver rings with Prehnite, Smokey Quartz, Garnet or Lapis Lazuli - $55 each

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