The GCSW-Post Game Wrap Up

And just like that the weekend is over.

The 8th Annual Girls Christmas Shopping Weekend has officially come to an end. It seems to have just whipped right by!

Though we were not very successful this year in the finding of Christmas gifts we did not leave the weekend empty handed. We did pick up 3 Christmas trees for our various households, purchased a few stocking stuffers and may have picked up one or two things for ourselves! (I am now the proud owner of a navy blue dress and silver sequin belt which I will be wearing to a winter wonderland themed Quinceanera next weekend.)

Here are a few photos that document the weekend.

Friday night we stuck with tradition and made some grapefruit martinis. Alicia’s initiation was squeezing the grapefruits. Lucky for her though Mich had a juicer!

Alicia juicing the grapefruits (before using the heavy duty juicer!)
This grapefruit looked like some sort of muppet so we gave it a face

Saturday we did some shopping up at the Shops at Don Mills. We saw a reindeer and Santa.

Alexis, Alicia, Mich and Magda at the Shops at Don Mills.

When we got home it was the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Ashbridges Park in the Beaches and who to our wondering eyes did appear but the big man himself. And boy did he ever arrive in style!

A bit blurry but you can make out Mr and Mrs Claus

Saturday night we got the tree and then we went out for the best Indian food ever! It was at a Pakistani/East Indian restaurant called Lahore Tikka. It was on Gerrard near Coxwell. This place was so fun. It was like a portable inside with wood paneling, and our meal was eaten off of styrofoam plates but it was sooooo delicious!

Chana Masala and Butter Chicken
Alicia, Michelle and Alexis at Lahore

We spent the later half of the night drinking Presecco and watching the movie Elf (My christmas favorite!) We were too stuffed full of Indian food to do much else!

We ended the weekend with brunch with my mom and dad and fit in a bit of last minute shopping before having to get Alicia on the plane back to Halifax.

Lex and I decorated our tree on Sunday night. He is so tiny and cute!

Tiny Christmas Tree!

And that completed the 8th Annual Girls Shopping Weekend! Can’t wait till next year and then NYC watch out! The 10th Annual GCSW is coming to you December 2012!

~Sarah Ana


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