A Craft Show Post-Mortem by Vaughan of the Vendors

Today was the Vaughan of a Kind show. I am going to keep this brief as I am pooped! Just wanted to share a few words and a couple photos from the show.

My sister, Alexis, and I had a fun day. Lots of great Artisans.  LOTS of jewellers. I was very happy this morning to find out that my booth was beside Marcia and Dorothy! We had neighbouring booths last year. They are knitters/crocheters who make beautiful scarves!  They are just lovely to chat with. They were so kind and gave Alexis and I each a beautiful scarf!

I found the show to be a bit slower then last year. This was also the general consensus.  (Last year there was a H1N1 shot clinic set up in the same venue which I think brought a lot more people through) It was my first time selling solely my sterling silver jewellery and not my beaded jewellery. I got some great feedback! People had lots of very kind words to say about my work and display. Now if only there were more buyers!


My booth at the Vaughan of a Kind
My neighbours ~ very talented knitters/crocheters!

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