These are a few of my favorite things…

Just as Maria in The Sound of Music shared that “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” were her favourite things, I thought I would share a few of my own favourite things. (I think musicals are on my mind as I just saw Wicked on Sunday and it was amazing!!! See #6)  Besides Jewellery I do have other things that I like! Each of these things act as a source of inspiration for me. My favourite things are in no particular order…

1. The colour green – I love green. It is cool and fresh. It is summer trees and fresh cut grass.  It’s yummy vegetables.

2. The Ocean – Mmmm. I love the way it smells. I love the sand in between my toes. I love the warmth of the beach and the coolness of the water. I love looking for seashells and sea glass.

3. Fall – Mmmm. Again I love the way it smells! I love the colours of the leaves and the way they crunch under your feet. I like wearing cardigans and knit sweaters. I like to go apple picking and eat as many apples as I can! I love blue sky and orange trees.

4. Lily of the Valley – Hmmm. It appears that I really like the smell of things! Lily of the Valley remind me of my Grammy. Each spring I can’t wait till they bloom. They smell so fresh. I used to bottle the small flowers up with water as a girl and make “perfume.” I like their white bell shape against their bright green leaves.

5. Jokes – That this even made the list makes me laugh. I enjoy humour. I agree with whomever said that laughter is the best medicine.

6. Music– I love music! From musicals to pop to rock and roll I like it all. Don’t ask what my favorite song is though because there are just too many to name! I simply adore the Beatles! I love singing in the car.

7. Rocks – Growing up I wanted to be a Geologist. I loved to collect different rocks. I had a microscope so that I could look at my rocks more closely. Though I never did go into geology I guess I came pretty close with learning gemmology and using stones in my work!

8. Dogs -I love my dog Owen. Words do not describe. He brings my heart so much joy! Just look at him! And of course, I love Dachshunds!

9. Travelling– I’ve already written about how I love to travel. Now that the weather is getting a bit yuckier and the days are getting darker earlier I find myself at my bench daydreaming of far off places…

10. My family-I have a Mom, Dad and three sisters. They are by far my most favourite thing on this list. They are a constant support; always encouraging me to follow my dreams.  I thank them for always being there for me through the good and the tough times! I love you!


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