Hello, I’m in Delaware…

Well…I’m not in Delaware, but my jewellery soon will be!

Sorry for the long delay in writing but I have been pretty busy this last week prepping for a show! Now that my package has been safely sent off and is out of my hands (and reluctantly in the hands of UPS) I can relax for a moment and fill you in before starting to prep for the next show!

I am super excited to have pieces in a show entitled ‘Multiples’ at the Heidi Lowe Gallery in Rehoboth, Delaware! I will be showing pieces from both my Profanity series and the Op-art series. The show is an annual group show that will be running from November 12 – December 10. In the past, the gallery has showcased the works of up to 30 different artists who make limited production series in their “Multiples” exhibition. It is great to be included  in a show like this!

This is my first International show so I am very, very excited about that! (Can you tell I’m excited? How many times have I used that word today! haha. I just can’t think of another word to use…stoked?) Now if only my package would let me know it arrived safely in Delaware. I feel like I track it every 5 minutes on the UPS website!  :S


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