Sister, sister.

I have a younger sister. Her name is Alicia. I usually call her Mubby or Wienie or sometimes even Isotoner. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sometimes I miss her like mad!!!

One of my earliest memories of making jewellery involves Alicia.

When we were younger Alicia, myself and our neighbour Natasha used to make jewellery. Actually it was Natasha who introduced me to the world of beading when she had her birthday party at Beadworks in Toronto. I still remember the pair of pink and white earrings I made at her party. From then on I was hooked on beading. When the three of us weren’t busy making up dances to the Beach Boys we were budding entrepreneurs. Instead of selling lemonade at the end of the driveway we sold our beaded creations! And when business was slow we turned to door to door sales. We even took custom orders! Who knew I would actually be making jewellery for a living when I grew up. haha.

Sarah Ana Designs


Miss you Mubs! Love you!



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