Sisters + Shopping (+ for a good cause) = fun

What’s better than jeans and jewels, really?  I love ’em both. So it’s a no brainer that I would love to go to a fundraising event called “Jeans ‘n Jewels”. This exclusive shopping night at the Promenade Mall was put on to raise funds for Rethink Breast Cancer (A charity to bring “bold, relevant awareness to the under 40 crowd.”) . The shopping event took place from 6–9 p.m. at the mall. It’s the second year my big sis Alexis and I hiked it up to Thornhill for the event. (She’s the Managing Editor of Vaughan Today Magazine, and occasionally I dabble in freelance photography.)

We all know sisters + shopping  = a lot of fun!

We were treated to yummy drinks (awesome Champagne Tea from DavidsTea) and snacks in a VIP lounge, live music, and lots of special shopping offers! In addition to a couple treats for ourselves (a sweater shirt and belt for Alexis, some leggings for me) we picked up a great gift for our cousin for her birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday, Cous!) and the proceeds all go to a great cause! (I can’t tell you what the gift is, cuz she’s an avid reader of the blog!)

Next year, I recommend you grab some girlfriends (or a sister or two), put on your jeans and jewels, and support such a great cause! (while stocking your closet at the same time!).

Shopping at Jeans 'n Jewels

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