Boo! It’s almost Halloween!

I love Halloween. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone (or something) else for a night.

The trouble is trying to decide what or who I want to be! My best friend Sarah (Yes, you can laugh, we have the same name) and I always start to plan waaaay in advance. But no matter when we start to brainstorm we always seem to be scrambling last minute to come up with something! (Except for this year…I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’ll post pictures after Halloween. I am excited!)

Since I love jewellery I always like to somehow incorporate it into my costume. Two years ago I was a flapper. I dressed in a seafoam green flapper dress, a pair of fish nets, matching heels, and a feather hair band. To complete my ensemble I adorned myself with a strand of pearls and some pearl drop earrings.

Last year a group of friends and I all went as flight attendants. We made our own costumes out of dresses from JOE. We sewed some stripes on the arms. To top of the outfit and make it complete I made us all pins with airplane wings out of shrinky dinks. We were actually asked by some people when we were out how we all managed to get the night off! haha.

Last Halloween

I decided to compile a short list of halloween costume ideas where jewellery really makes the costume. Here we go…

1. Jackie Onassis– Her signature pearls are what sets her off from being just any other classy dressed woman.

2. Betty and Wilma- No wilma costume is complete without a huge set or raw cut rocks around your neck. And Betty needs to be wearing a  single disc pendant on a black velvet ribbon.

Wilma and Betty

3. A flapper- A short or long strand of pearls will finish off this costume just right.

Me dressed as a flapper

4. Lady Gaga– If you wore a blonde wig and hung pretty much anything from your neck or ears you could pass as this songstress. Think big and bold.

Lady Gaga

These are just a few. Feel free to add to my list! Have fun and good luck with finding the perfect costume!


One thought on “Boo! It’s almost Halloween!

  1. Yay for Halloween!
    Being the “other Sarah” of course I’m totally excited for this year’s bash. What jewellery will we wear this year?

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