Oops…sorry…I forgot!

I am forgetful.

I forget where my keys are. I forget what day of the week it is. I forget where I parked my car. I forget important dates. I sometimes forget to eat. I sometimes even forget words! I forget the name of the guy that stood in the 2nd row of my kindergarten class photo…(if you are reading this, I apologize, that was a long time ago!)

There are some people that come and go from our lives quickly with only their name remaining in your memory, or only a vague idea of what they looked like. Other people stay a little longer. The memories you share are ingrained in your mind. You share thoughts, inside jokes, photos, and  intimate secrets. You share a special bond. It’s these people you want to never forget.

Forget-me-nots are said to symbolize true love, remembrance and hope. I’ve admitted I’m a hopeless romantic, so I wanted to create a line of jewellery that reflects the sentiment of true love and remembrance. I want each piece of jewellery to act as a reminder to the wearer of who the piece came from or to represent someone or something you don’t want to forget.

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