Keepsake: hold it close to your heart

Yesterday I wrote about Kooie, my childhood blanket, and how he became the inspiration for my piece Comfort – Amuletic Pendant.

This piece then spurred a series of pieces that I call Keepsake Pendants. 

Keepsake pendants are vessels that can hold a textile of significance to the wearer.  It can hold a piece of your  baby blanket. It could also hold a swatch of fabric from a wedding dress or a meaningful object to quietly honour someone you have lost. A keepsake pendant can be worn to commemorate life’s valued moments or keep the memory of a loved one close.

I have 6 different motifs that hold different meaning.The rabbits can represent youthfulness, love, vigilance and fertility. Wings represent freedom, purity and hope. Birds represent peace, love, innocence and purity. The stork represents the safe delivery or welcome of a new baby. Ivy represents wedded love, connections and friendship, and the hearts represent true love.

My younger sister also had a Kooie growing up. Hers was blue and had a similar fate to mine. For her birthday last year I asked her to snip a small piece of her Kooie and send it to me. In return I sent her a Keepsake Pendant with the rabbit motif, her Kooie tucked safely inside.


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