Comfort and Security

When I was a baby I had a rabbit blanket. I named it Kooie. (Well…it was actually called krolik, which is rabbit in polish, but I couldn’t say that.)

I loved Kooie. (I still do!) He was pink plaid with a satin ribbon around his body and satin in his ears. He had round blue eyes and a small black nose. His cheeks were always rosy. He always smiled.

Kooie went everywhere with me and I cried each time he was ripped from my grasp to be put in the washing machine. Every night he slept snuggled up in my arms. I couldn’t fall asleep with out him. He was there with me through the good times and the bad times. He brought me much comfort and joy.

As the years passed and I grew up Kooie began to slowly deteriorate. His plaid, blanket body became torn until there was nothing holding him together but his satin ribbon. Eventually my dad took what was left of Kooie’s sad, shredded body, stuffed it into Kooie’s head and sewed it up.

But that didn’t stop me from loving Kooie. To this day he still has his place next to me when I sleep in my bed. (And occasionally cuddles with me on the couch when I watch scary movies! :S)

Comfort Amuletic Pendant - Multiple views

In second year of jewellery school we had to make an amuletic pendant. I decided I wanted my pendant to bring comfort. I wanted to create a piece that would act as an adult version of a security blanket.

For a child the remedy during a thunderstorm or after a nightmare is often a stuffed animal or a security blanket. Something of a tactile nature, something that you can touch and feel, warm, plaid knit fabric with cool satin ribbon around the edges. As adults we don’t have such an object to comfort us when we need it.

My pendant was inspired by Kooie. The satin ribbon is reminiscent of the satin ribbon that once framed my blanket. There is an actual piece of Kooie inside the lid of the pendant. On the underside of the lid are rabbit cutouts which represent Kooie. The rabbit also represents fear, timidity, nervousness and humility in Native American belief. In my pendant it reminds us not to be afraid; as children, a security blanket reminds us the same. The rabbits are secretly inside to comfort the wearer without broadcasting its purpose. On the outside, it appears a simple, functional pendant.

This year I decided to look on eBay to see if I could find a new Kooie. I did not want to replace my Kooie! There is no way I could ever replace him!!! I was just curious to see what he really looked like when he was brand new. And to my excitement I found one!!! Of course I couldn’t resist!

Kooie - Old and New.

Now I have a brand new Kooie tucked away safely in a box. Someday I will hopefully have my own baby girl that I can give it to. I hope it will bring her as much comfort and joy as it did me.


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