Necessary evil: Up to my eyeballs in paperwork!

Leaf Earrings - Sarah Ana Designs

Today was one of those days.

And by “those” I mean the type of day that I actually don’t make anything at all but instead spend my time doing boring admin. work. 😦

But though I’d like to spend every day actually elbow deep in making things, there are other aspects to being a jeweller. There are proposals to write, photos to shoot, marketing to do, receipts to organize…the list goes on.  And try as I might to put these things off, eventually they have to get done!

So today I brought my camera to the studio and photographed a bunch of pieces so that I can have images ready for some applications and proposals I am writing. Tomorrow I will have to spend some time in Photoshop cleaning them up! I am also working on a grant application (wish me luck!) and my applications for the Vaughan of a Kind show. Good photos are really key for applying for these things!

Continuing on the theme of yesterday’s blog, I have posted a photo of a pair of leaf earrings that I made last year and photographed today!

-Sarah Ana


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