Today it rained cats and dogs!

So, as you probably have gathered by now from recent posts, I love Dachshunds! There is just something about them that makes a smile instantly pop up on my face every time I see one! I just can’t explain it. Each time I randomly encounter one, my heart just leaps with happiness! (Just writing about them makes me so excited that I can’t stop using exclamation marks!)

Today was a grim day. The sky was dark. Rain poured from the sky. I felt tired and low. But I saw one ray of sunshine through the thick, dark clouds…Octoberdogfest!

I dreaded the thought of going out into the cold rain (Some may say it was raining cats and dogs – hehehe. ) but the thought that I may get to see six different varieties of Dachshund was enough for me to muster up the courage to venture across the wet bridge to the PawsWay.

And boy was I glad I did! My spirit was instantly lifted by what I saw — Dogs sitting in William’s coffee shop with their owners, dogs meeting other dogs, dogs striking poses in their very own photoshots! I grabbed myself a London Fog Latte (I thought it fitting as today was so dismal) and decided to wander the area. There were all sorts of dogs. Big ones. Small ones. Short ones. And of course long ones! I caught myself with a stupid grin on my face. I must have looked out of place. I think I was the only person there without a dog!

I met two fantastic dogs, Kishke (a Corgie-Dachshund mix) and Flora (a long-haired Dachshund)! Thanks again to their two very nice owners who kindly let me take pictures of them! You made my day! ~ Sarah Ana

Dachshund Necklace with Bone Toggle

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