My glamourous view from behind the bench

People often say to me: “You are a jeweller? What on earth do you do all day? Why are your nails so dirty?”

Sometimes it’s tough to answer. My days vary – some days I’m sketching and planning, or I’m jetting off to the casting house to pick up some pieces, amd others I’m elbows-deep in polishing or carving. Today I worked on a daisy necklace – I soldered the bail and the bezel and set the stone so now I just need to polish it.

To show you where I spend my days, I snapped a couple shots with my phone today at Harbourfront. I’m an artist-in-residence (It’s a program for recent grads who are looking to launch their professional careers)

We use the facility, form an artist community and hone our craft. (This program isn’t just for jewellers – there’s glassblowers, ceramics, textiles. Our studio is like a fish bowl. Come by and say hi!)

So, my pics can give you a sneak peek of my workspace (pardon the mess!)

– Sarah Ana

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