OMG. WTF. $%#. Bite your tongue and wear your words instead

This evening I was driving up Jarvis St. on my way home from Harbourfront. I was minding my own business, obeying the rules of the road, and waiting at a red light when suddenly out of nowhere: Crash.


OMG! WTF? What the #$@%$, @($&!^ were you thinking? I got out of my car to survey the damage (luckily, not much). I kept my cool. I didn’t raise my voice or lose my temper. But seeing the other drivers, I must admit, I wanted to.

Ever felt that way? Ever had one of those days at work that you just want to scream.

Enter: Profanity Series.

Profanity by Sarah Ana Designs

These pieces aren’t for the shy or faint of heart. They are for those people / employees / girlfriends / dads who may not have the gall to curse in public. But, well, they don’t mind wearing their words.

This started as a (gutsy) project for school. They were designed on the computer using ArtCam, which allowed me to get the symbols and shape milled out by a machine rather than me carving it. I then had the pieces cast in sterling silver, and filled the middles with ceramit – a low-temperature curing enamel. That was a challenge. Ceramit is really fussy and often bubbles (I now add a thinner to the ceramit, which has helped!)

These pieces are really fun to make. I’ve done cufflinks, pins (at left), rings, pendants and brooches.

The Profanity series makes me feel a little, well, naughty (This line is certainly not my mom’s favourite!)

Profanity by Sarah Ana Designs

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