Operation Colour: Variations on a Theme

Sarah Dobranowski 2001

In high school art class I was introduced to abstract expressionism and colour field painting. Mark Rothko, Hans Hoffman, Jack Bush, Bridget Riley, the list goes on! I loved the way these artists experimented with colour and shape. I loved the way my eyes were tricked, the way the paint seemed to leap off the canvas. I began to explore colour and shape in my own paintings. (See Picture Left)

Fast forward to jewellery school at George Brown College. I was still thinking of these artists and their experiments. I asked myself “How can I continue to experiment with colour and shape but using my new chosen medium?” That is when the work of Josef Albers came to mind. I remembered Albers’ body of work entitled “Homage to the Square.” In this series of paintings, Albers explored the relationship between geometry and colour. I decided that I would like to take this idea of a repeated shape and play with different colours to see how they may appear to change the design. And so my Op-Art line was born!
Sarah Ana Designs

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