Weiner dogs? Nein — Dachshunds!


Nein- Daschund by Sarah Ana Designs


(Weiner dogs) Dachshunds make me squeal with excitement.

Seeing their long bodies running down the street just makes my heart jump.

A couple years ago, I decided to channel my love for all things weiner dog into my jewellery. Enter: Nein — Dachshunds…a line of bracelets, brooches and pendants dedicated to the furry friend.

(Note: The name of this line of jewellery came from a story my aunt told me. Her three little ones saw a weiner dog waddling down the street. They, like me, squealed with excitement. “It’s a weiner dog!” they shouted. The stern dogowner stopped dead in her tracks, stared them down and shouted, “Nein! Dachshunds!” and kept walking)

You can imagine my excitement when I heard that this coming weekend, Oct. 2, Octoberdogfest is coming to the Pawsway near Harbourfront Centre! It’s a celebration of German dog breeds, including my favourite – the six different kinds of dachshunds. I will definitely have to go check that out!

The two pics I’ve posted are 1) a dachshund cuff bracelet, which I cut and formed out of sterling silver (below) and 2) a brass and ceramit (a low temp. curing enamel) brooch (above).


Nein- Daschund by Sarah Ana Designs


Enjoy! Maybe see you Saturday at Octoberdogfest! (Squeal!)

— Sarah Ana


3 thoughts on “Weiner dogs? Nein — Dachshunds!

  1. Great pieces, Sar. Glad to see you’ve started blogging! Now we can hear the stories behind the pieces you make and watch as the creations unfold!
    – Lex

  2. I love these pieces – probably because I also love wiener dogs too! Great blog, too. It’s interesting to hear what inspires you to create your beautiful jewellery 🙂
    – Sar2

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